ACES WEEKLY is an exclusively onscreen comic art magazine : a weekly anthology of serial episodes and short stories in seven-week volumes, featuring some of the world's finest creators of sequential art. 

We're like the Sunday pages, delivered through your screen instead of your mailbox. Thrillers, sf, drama and humour in weekly bite-size chunks, looking luminescent and cool on any of your devices, and ready to read at the touch of a button!



What do you get?

Seven weeks of ACES WEEKLY totalling up to 200 pages with Extras, is just £6.99 - $9.99 - €7.99! Start reading when you take out an ongoing subscription, and/or buy any or all of our Previous Volumes from us separately at BUY! Once bought, Aces Weekly Volumes are ALWAYS viewable, never out-of-print, never unavailable, wherever, and whenever, you're connected.

Every volume of ACES WEEKLY is packed with terrific comic art and pages of Extras too, including character sketches, layouts, scripts and background info.  ACES WEEKLY appears every week in 7-week volumes with TWO-WEEK breaks between volumes. 

Subscribe now and your subscription begins with Volume Eighteen complete, which contains:


  • OLDER THAN THE HILLS by Martin Hayes and Chris Askham.
  • HUMPH THE CAT by Kazybrid and Sier.
  • THE USUAL SUSPECTS by Jok and Santullo.
  • LAST THURSDAY by Emma Chinnery.
  • REQUIEM by Jorge Mongiovi.
  • NOT DEAD, ONLY DREAMING by Fred Fordham and Keith Kopnicki.
  • PSYCHO GRAN by David Leach.
  • PIGEONS FROM HULL by Bambos Georgiou and Mychailo Kazybrid.
  • WORLD BUG by Esteban Hernandez. 


An internet connection gets ACES WEEKLY to your tablet, laptop, desktop - or SMART TV! Just use your password to access whichever volume is coming your way through your ongoing subscription, or whichever volume you've bought as a Previous Volume.  Yours forever to view and enjoy! 

Take a look below at what you can get, and some of what's yet to come, from some video promos!  Careful, folks - there are flashing images...

Upcoming Creators

Steve Bissette, Dylan Teague, Colleen Doran, Arvell Jones, John Kaiine, Pete Docherty, Shane Oakley, Fumio Obata and Warwick Johnson Cadwell!

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Aces Weekly was founded in 2012 by David Lloyd & Bambos Georgiou.