Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 28, Week Two!

New subscribers at Volume 28 won't notice the absence of the amazingly prolific Jok and Santullo, who, for an almost uninterrupted run from Aces Weekly Volume Number 9, have been telling us great stories about a couple of crazy criminals who never quite get what they think they deserve in a superb, satirical, take on gaming's Dungeons and Dragons.  Dungeons and Burglars is terrific for its regularity in a storytelling medium that can be very hard work to keep producing to a regular schedule - most especially for the artist, and most especially in the circumstances of Aces Weekly, where dedication to pioneering is as  necessary as knowing your job!  What's the secret of that constancy of supply?  Enthusiasm.  I'm glad to say l had a great time meeting Jok recently - the first since first seeing his work in comics - and enthusiasm marked that encounter as strongly as it did the first.  You might think there is nothing unusual in a creator being continually buzzed by working in comics -  most of us get to do it because we love it - but tough schedules are tough schedules in any work practice, and they can be very tough in creating comics.  Luckily for us,  the team producing Dungeons and Burglars are only affected marginally by these stresses, and so, for those of you who are wondering and worried by the hiatus in the current Dungeons And Burglars tale, The Big Hit, let me assure you that it will continue next volume!  Will our flawed heroes be victorious, or will they end up in less than desirable circumstances again?  You'll find out, courtesy of the hard-working and enthusiastic, Jok and Santullo.  For whom we are thankful.... : )  

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