Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 28, Week Five!

There are many more comic shows - or events incorporating comics - occurring around this part of the world than there used to be, but very few of them are free to the general public. In an ideal world there should be many more - not simply because it's obviously good to give free admission to an attraction, but because the comics world especially needs to be open to the curious non-comics reader who may not feel attracted strongly enough to it to buy a ticket, but is open to being persuaded to browse and discover if easy access is available. And there's always a much wider range of product in the collections of tables and stands to be found in a show than is usually found in a local store, thus creating a much greater possibility of sparking interest in a casual visitor! It's in the best interest of us all - readers and makers of comics - that we reach more such people with the object our passion. We do our best for that here at Aces Weekly by displaying our works to the widest audience we can through the wonder of cyberspace, but all and every means are needed. Let's hope a combination of sponsorship and smart arts bodies can improve the situation much more as we live through coming times... : ) 

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