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Olga Carmona Peral

Olga Carmona Peral portrait

Olga Carmona Peral was born in Cádiz, Spain, in 1977. 

She graduated in Fine Arts in 2004 before beginning her career as a professional illustrator. As a writer and cartoonist, her work includes: “La apuesta de Cloto”; “Mil brujas”; “Comando Malva”; “John Lennon, Life after The Beatles - The Solo Years”. 

She currently combines her work in comics with her career as a freelance illustrator. She has been published by clients such as Santillana, Oxford University Press, Vicens Vives, El País Semanal (Spain), Studentlitteratur A.B. (Sweden), Maison des Langues (France), Boiselle & Ellert, Herzstück mag. (Germany), Scholastic Ed, and Macmillan Education, (U.K.)


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