ACES WEEKLY is a comics art collection of serials and short stories beamed directly to readers through cyberspace.


What do you get?

A continuing stream of 7- part volumes of ACES WEEKLY - each totalling up to 150 pages with Extras - is yours for JUST £1 a week, in any currency.  All Aces Weekly volumes are instantly accessible to subscribers and are never out-of-print, never unavailable, and are ready to read at any time when connected to the web.

Every volume is packed with strips, and has many pages of Extras, including character sketches, layouts, scripts and background info.  We appear every Monday of every week of 7 weeks, with two-week production breaks between each volume.

Volume 43 is now complete, and features...

  • HELL INC. by Osmarco Valladao.
  • REFLECTION by Jok and Santullo.
  • THE WEIRD WORLD OF WILFRED WEED Prt 2 by Ben Bernard-Smith.
  • DRIFT by Chris Geary. 
  • BLACK by Tobias Taitt and Anthony Smith.
  • THE DEAL Prt 3 by Carlos Pascoa.


Web connection gets ACES WEEKLY to your tablet, laptop, desktop, or smart tv ! Just use your password to access whichever volume you've acquired via your subscription, or whichever you've bought as a Previous Volume online or via our code cards!

Take a look at what we've done in these video tasters!  Careful, folks - there are flashing images...

Upcoming Creators

Steve Bissette, Colleen Doran, Arvell Jones, Pete Doherty.

The brush logo and Aces Weekly are the Trade Marks of David Lloyd and are the subject of applications and registrations in various countries.

Aces Weekly was founded in 2012 by David Lloyd & Bambos Georgiou.