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Jok portrait

Jok was born in Argentina in the seventies and has been working as a writer and artist since 1993. His work has been published in Italy, France, Spain, England, Canada, Brazil and Uruguay. Jok founded and is part of La Productora collective dedicated to making, self-publishing, promoting and teaching comics in Argentina.

Jok's most recent printed comic was Mixtape from Ardden Entertainment and his artwork may be familiar from The Hill and Vengeance of the Vapor from Markosia and the Strangeways series of horror westerns from Highway 62. For the european market he worked with argentinian writer Emilio Balcarce on FuneralTerminal; Knightmare and Valkiria.

Jok's creator owned projects include: Carne Argentina and Camulus, Fugitive Godand and the award-winning Forty Coffins.

Jok works side by side with his comrades trying to have as much fun as possible sharing work, projects and dreams with his colleagues and friends.


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