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Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 21, Week One!

This volume we introduce a new comics viewer!  For those subscribers who've somehow missed me previewing this change via my various communications to you all, I hope you'll find the shock pleasant!  This upgrade gives you a fuller screen and other benefits you'll note from use.  We always listen to our readers, and we always try to improve the experience you get from Aces Weekly whenever we can do so!  Any unusual tech troubles you may encounter with it - please go straight to our usual fixit address : )  And one last thing : we're often hearing from readers who don't find the time to read Aces in its weekly form and somehow feel they're losing something of Aces value because of this.  But being time-starved should be no problem to any reader.  As you know, when a volume ends, it can be read at any time as a complete collection, with all serials linked by Week2Week.  Enjoy Aces Weekly at your leisure!  All the volumes you have will always be ready for you, whenever you're ready for them : )

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