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Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 24, Week One!

A couple of weeks ago, I met one of our earliest, and most loyal, subscribers. He told me he hadn't considered reading digital comics before the moment he thought that he should take a leap into the unfamiliar with a name he was familiar with - mine - and subscribe to Aces Weekly, just to see how it went. When he did, he found himself happy!  Whether your journey to us began as uncertainly as that one or not, it's an illustration of how some journeys to us are hindered by doubt. Help us to help more people realize that getting here is easy and rewarding!  Please spread the word  to anyone you know who you may think is as unconvinced about digital comics as our subscriber was!  YOU all know how good great original digital comics can be, so YOU are ALL perfectly-placed to tell them how wrong they may be in thinking otherwise! Please enjoy this first week of our terrific, Aces Weekly, Volume 24... : ) 

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