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Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 27, Week One!

This volume we're happy to welcome back some of our regulars in the Aces Weekly contributor family! Batton Lash takes us back to a post-apocalypse world that's nothing like any others you've seen ; Sicarios gives us another pacy crime yarn with the usual bizarre added ingredients ; and The Flight reminds us that leaving our troubles behind us is not always as easy as just leaving the place where they happen to be.  And there's more, much more, as ever - but you don't need me to tell you that!  I'm lucky enough to be in New York next weekend as guest of the MoCCA ( Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art ) Festival, where, as is usual at such occasions, I'll be representing both myself and Aces Weekly.  Make sure you come and see me there if it's in your neck of the woods, or you're visiting it from further afield. Now, please enjoy this 27th volume of our Aces Weekly... : )   

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