Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 36, Week Five!

Friends, you might have noticed there's a linking theme to most of our stories in this Aces Weekly volume.  In Take 2 Joey decides to make things easier for himself by splitting in two ; in Merlin, Sir Brendan has two faces, hiding his true self behind a genial personality  ; in Wikkaman a band member proves to be a pixie in disguise ; in The Hornbook, two lives are seemingly being led by one person ; and in Mr Custa, negativity is cruelly substituted for its better twin as a weapon against entire populations.  The fascination of what can happen when we can be other than what we are, or what we can become as an alternative, or how we can cope with two personalities in one person. And how it can happen. So many stories are made from this theme.  How interesting, eh ? Discuss... : )

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