Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 38, Week Three!

I read some nice words about us recently that referred glowingly to the varied content of our menu and such.  They came from a comment about an anthology I'd worked on some time back for DC Comics called ' Wasteland ' and cited us as being as brave in our ambitions as it was.  This was a very nice compliment to hear but inaccurate.  We've always been a risky proposition, but we've never been as brave as the editor in the office of that mainstream publisher who suggested ' Wasteland ' might be a good idea, or as brave as the executive administrator in that office who agreed with that and took a chance on something unusual despite being faced with the enormous costs of print and paper and all the rest of the stuff which weighs heavily on the chances of something unusual succeeding for any length of time in the mainstream paper publishing world.  We're not in that world so we don't have to be brave in it, though Aces Weekly is proud to be associated with those in that world who've shown their bravery to us.  We're not brave at all.  But we do like taking risks... : ) 

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