Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 43, Week Five!

Despite declarations of clear intent expressed in many places at many times, I'm still asked if we'll ever be producing printed collections of Aces Weekly volumes, which, I can promise you, we won't.  Like most of my generation of comics readers I was inspired by and love paper comics and I wish all paper comics well in the trials they currently suffer in many ways in this part of the globe, but Aces Weekly will not be joining them in that suffering.  We follow a clear path of non-paper comics and we don't divert from it.  To see my viewpoint more clearly, it might help to imagine a group of travellers heading down a road to a destination familiar to them all, when someone in the group says, ' Hey, let's some of us use this road coming up.  It's a different route but it'll take us through other towns on the way and help us find different people who'll help us spread the message we have '. And most everyone in the group grumbles and says, ' We've been using this same road for years and years - why use a different one, and why should we try to reach more places and different people when all the people who know us already are at the end of this road waiting for us as they always do? '  Well, as I have said before, that is what we do at Aces Weekly - we do different - and we take a different road... : )

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