Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 44, Week Six!

A word today to those of you with ambitions to create for yourselves the kinds of stories and art we feature for you here at Aces Weekly!  With more people obliged to be stuck inside for much longer than they usually would - sadly - some of you may want to seriously have a go at it if you've ever considered the possibility.  In which case I refer you to one of the places I can refer you to with confidence : Cartoon Classroom. There, amongst other things, you'll find a section called Recommended Books. All the books in that section have been recommended by professional cartoonists and comics creators, so no bad advice only good.  And some of the volumes there were used as the basis for the success that some of those creators eventually achieved!  Needless to say, I also recommend those books to you.  Good luck if you are a budding creator and want to make that bud blossom. Learning to draw comics is a very good way to spend any hours you may find yourself having to spend over these crazy days, and you never know what may come of it.  You might even find yourself in Aces Weekly one day... : )

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