Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 47, Week Three!

Friends, A brief word this week on the welcome re-opening of The Cartoon Museum, if you didn't know about it already.  In past times I used to describe it as a hidden gem among other things, because although it was once near the big, tourist-attracting, British Museum, where all the mummies and such are, its lack of a real publicity budget meant it couldn't advertise its presence very widely. Then came funding for a big new building and a bright new chapter, but then almost at the same time along came Coronavirus to give that chapter a very sticky beginning!  Now re-opened, but now also just hit by the ' rule of six ' and anything else liable to slide along at a moment's notice, you can see it might still need some heavy duty support.  So, if you've been there before, go again!  If you've never been before, go now!  Now!  Asap!  It's a treasure trove of  work from great British cartoonists and comic artists of all kinds, from great political cartoonists to Biffo the Bear, and from 2000AD to little ole me!  Don't let me have to describe it as a hidden gem ever again!  But stay safe all... : )

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