Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 46, Week Six!

Friends, In past times I've reminded you of the asset of seeing Aces Weekly in its fabulous smart-tv form - ' comics big at last! ' -  but I've no idea how many of you ever responded to that, or could have done if you'd wanted to!  However, as it's always really necessary for me to claim we always do the very best we can for you in offering you all the very best extras Aces Weekly can provide that you won't get from any other similar product, I'm bound to repeat some of the essential information I gave you on this in the past.  My initial referral to you all was via this link here, which may still be as valuable to you now tech-wise as it was then.  But tech moves on as time moves on, as we all know, so please now check out all the very many other ways you can see the wonders of Aces Weekly on the biggest screen you might want to view it on in linking it from any of your smaller screens to your biggest!  Comic art made big and beautiful is a valuable thing in itself, and you really shouldn't deny yourself the chance of seeing it all that way if you're yet to... : )

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