Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 54, Week Three!

Friends, I've just been posting on Facebook about a couple of reporter questions put to me in a new place I've just been for a signing, which were : are there such things as comics museums, and what did I think of those who considered comics to be unable to achieve the artistic status that would put them in such a place. You'll guess my reaction to the second part of that, but the first part just brought puzzlement from me that his own prep had not shown him just how many cartoon and comics museums there are in the world.  But what understandably lay behind that failure of research, and the question about comics value, was clearly the usual public perception of most people outside the exclusive circle of smart aficionados that Aces Weekly caters to : the view of comics as having much less value than we all know them to have.  As part of spreading knowledge and awareness that might help change this situation, I suggested something I've suggested before in a different context, which is that if any of us are aware of a noteworthy comic artist or cartoonist living in our area, we should suggest to our local museums - and we all have them - that they put a piece of that artist's art on their walls.  That single thing would help fix their identity to being equal at least to whichever or whatever honoured local watercolourist or other artist was occupying the same space.  I leave it to you, my friends.  Strike a blow for your friendly neighbourhood comic artist..! :)  And stay safe!

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