Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 59, Week One!

This 7-week volume is now complete, and you can use our exclusive Week2Week facility to read all of its episodic strips from their opening to their finale!  Just jump from one week to the next via the indicated links in the story pages!

Friends, First thing to note for all subscribers as we start this 59th Volume of Aces Weekly, is that fab comics maker and Ace, Lee Marrs - who, along with Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, applied a radical reboot to a classic adventure strip in Volume 56 with Sondra of the Secret Service - is going to be at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus on October 6th-9th in Columbus, Ohio!  Go see her and say hi if you can possibly be there! Second thing to note here in this volume is to welcome back to Aces Weekly some of our past Aces, Fer Calvi, Chris Geary, Roberto Corroto, and Ertito Montana. There's nothing ordinary about what any of these Aces do, and, alongside all the extraordinary stuff that our newer Aces are doing as well, their returning presence continues to reinforce the extraordinary personality of Aces Weekly itself ; we started off doing different from Day One and we'll keep making it so, with all of our Aces help and yours... :)  Stay safe, everyone!

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