Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 67, Week Two! 

Friends, This week's intro is almost entirely composed of news about a bunch of great Aces of Aces Weekly who you can go and see next weekend in the living flesh at London Comic Con Spring Lew Stringer, Stephen Baskerville, David Leach, Chris Geary, and Yel Zamor will be ready there to meet and greet you at their tables, and they'll be very happy to see you, too, so don't miss the opportunity to do that if you can!  There's a bunch of other great artists there to say hi to, as well, so fill your boots!  In other news... I want to thank all those of you who entered our Colouring Competition.  News of results will come here for you in next week's intro along with sight of the winning entry in Extras! Till then... :  )  Please, keep safe, everyone! It's still a dangerous world!

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