Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 67, Week Three

Friends, Only one note of importance this week, which is to announce the winner of our Aces Weekly Colouring Competition - Santiago Porro!  Santiago is one of many who happily chanced upon our contest through various posts, and grabbed the opportunity to take part in it!  Our congratulations go to Santiago, whose winning entry can be seen right here  in Extras, and will be seen by many more in future posts from us in coming days!  Other entries into our contest will be shown here in Extras from next week!  David Leach's original art prize will be delivered to Santiago as soon as we get his mailing address over the next few weeks!  My thanks and David's to all those subscribers who took part in this competition and grabbed the chance to win it. Grabbing a chance in any contest in life is winning in itself when so many watch them go by like ducks in a shooting range... : )  Stay safe, all!

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