Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 67, Week Five

Friends, Firstly, there's another excellent entrant into our colouring competition - David Escobedo - who's happy to have his work presented in Extras for you all to see, so make sure you check that out!  And I want to say a word about the many Aces we have who give us their time to create continuing stories across many volumes of Aces Weekly. It's impossible for me to do justice to them by briefly describing the ' previously...' happenings of serials with a long history in our pages, but for those of you newer subscribers who've become impressed by an episode of a long-running story like The Unsuspecting Saviour from Fer Calvi, I urge you catch up with them in the back numbers you'll always be told they appear in. Our back volumes are all the same price  and ready to grab whenever you want them in the easy delivery system that online distribution always gives us as a major asset.  Catch up and enjoy what you've missed!  It's there ready to entertain you... : )  Stay safe, all!

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