Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 68, Week Two!

Friends, Now and again I have chats with friends and colleagues about how we all got to be doing this stuff of comics and what our influences were, and, in almost all cases, it turns out our influences come from the specific genres of strip that are usually the most you can find on sale. Because of that, most of us end up doing that kind of thing - or trying to - because we want to emulate as well as originate. But the art of comics can be used to tell all kinds of different stories, and I'm very proud to publish the extraordinary as well as the expected.  It's our form as an anthology that allows to do this with freedom.  By offering a mix of the usual and unusual, we have something for all tastes. And unless your tastes are rigidly set to enjoy just one style or subject, you'll be happy finding the strange as well as the common in these pages of ours.  The world of art is a big one, and it can't be appreciated at its fullest if you're stuck in just one part of it.  We try to give you a rover ticket here at Aces Weekly, and we hope you enjoy the trip... : )   Stay safe, all!

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