Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 68, Week Three!

Friends, There's a whole bunch of reasons why AI art is a bad thing, but a notable one is that they're now giving any art generated with computer assistance - the easiest to fake - the job of trying to prove itself as ' real '.  So much fabulous illustration from computer-assisted artists has appeared over the last couple of decades, and, now, not only does it need to find some kind of photo ID of genuine-ness to be properly appreciated for its creative value, but it also can become prone to be pickpocketed of its various elements by AI robots for ' prompters ' to ' create ' with.  It's all a bit like the internet in a way : as computer-assisted art promised at its inception, the computer-assisted web was going to give us tons of creative help and information and freedom to realize potential, but now it's evolved into something that damages as many users as it benefits.  The world, eh?  Support artists, my friends of Aces Weekly, not prompters  - we need you!  : )  Stay safe all - and real!

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