Welcome to our fourth Free Sample, which features three opening chapters from Volume 7 and three opening chapters from Volume 8 of ACES WEEKLY.

Volume 7 boasts strips by Gary Whitlock,  Rachael Smith, Carlos Pascoa, Laurence Beveridge & Nardo Conforti and the return of SANTA CLAUS VS THE NAZIS by Benjamin Dickson & Gavin Mitchell and THE LAST GENTLEMAN OF THE APOCALYPSE by Batton Lash.

Volume 8 contains outstanding comic creators from the United Kingdom, the United States, Argentina, France, Mexico and Indonesia. We welcome aboard Geoffrey D Wessel, Neil Ford, Jim Campbell, Jok, Magnus,  Reza Benhadj,  Martin Divel and welcome back James Hudnall, Val Mayerik, Tom Orzechowski, Martin Cater, Paul McCaffrey, Mark Montague, Jasper Bark, Alfa Robbi, Yel Zamora, Steve Marchant and Lew Stringer. This volume boasts the return of BLUE CAT, FAWKES, PARASSASSIN, DARK UTOPIA, STUPIDFACE & COMBAT COLIN!

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